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About Umake

In Brief

Umake started in 2013 as an engineering company providing 3D printing as extra service. After a few months, the power to develop and produce our own products proved to be much more interesting. After the in the Netherlands hugely succesful Festicap, which we even patented, we were certain: we wil keep developing beautiful and useful products.

Dutch Design, Dutch Production

At Umake we are fully focussed on developing products that can really benefit you. We design everything we offer by ourselves. Because we use our own 3D printing farm as our main production facility, we can keep a close eye on the progress. This also gives us the opportunity to create niche products that are too expensive to produce with other production techniques.

3D prints are stronger than you think

3D printing is in essence just a tool to make something. Because we design from an engineering standpoint and with 3D printing in mind, we always aim to create something that is strong and sturdy. If something doesn't meet that criterium, we discard the idea, or improve the design.

Customer Satisfaction

Ofcourse customer satisfaction is something we care about a lot. We handle low worldwide shipping costs, and free shipping within our home country The Netherlands. You can always contact us for questions, remarks or suggestions.

We care about a better environment

We live in the age of plastic. It is used everywhere, from food container to car parts. We hate that because a large part eventually ends up in landfill.

By using solar energy and biodegradable plastics, we try to care about and be aware of the future of mother Earth. Biodegradable plastics have comparable technical properties in comparison to traditional oil-based plastics. Because these biodegradable plastics are made from plant materials, they can be broken down in industrial composting facilities. If something accidentally ends up in nature, it will break down in a matter of years.

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